Hapi Mari: Volume 3

Volume three of Hapi Mari has a lot of great stuff going on, especially when it comes to looking deeper into Hokuto’s past and family troubles. I think the big theme that really ties this volume together is the family you choose can be a better family than the one you were born into. … More Hapi Mari: Volume 3

Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 3

This manga just continues to get me frustrated as we get further and further in. All the drama seems badly fabricated to the point that you’re just kind of groaning every time something happens. Volume three starts off with Yukako coming running back to the group shouting about Kousuke getting stabbed by the robbers and how he’s dying back there in the woods. … More Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 3

Snow White with the Red Hair: Episodes 1&2

When Shirayuki’s unique red hair gets noticed by the prince of her kingdom, she must flee for her safety to the neighboring land of Clarines. There she hopes to follow her dream of becoming an herbalist. On her way, she bumps into Zen, the second-prince of Clarines, who is captivated by her strong will and determination. With his support, she begins to set up a new life for herself in Clarines. … More Snow White with the Red Hair: Episodes 1&2

Mars: Volume 2

In this volume in particular, I think we get to see a much deeper and clearer look at the character of Rei, especially his past concerning both his father and brother as well as the contrasting view the characters around him hold versus his actual self. … More Mars: Volume 2

Hapi Mari: Volume 2

Volume two of Hapi Mari gets a little deeper into the complicated emotions involved in marriage and self discovery. Mostly though, I think these four chapters focus mainly on the growing jealousy of both of them as their feelings for each other progress into love. We also get to see more background and characterization of Hokuto including a peak at the real reason he decided to marry Chiwa. … More Hapi Mari: Volume 2

Super Lovers: Episodes 3&4

Returning back to Super Lovers, we take a look at the next two episodes in the series, numbers three and four. I think I was pleasantly surprised with these two episodes, though I did notice the same couple problems returning again, namely: jumps in time, overdone plot points, and certain large plot points popping up seemingly out of nowhere. However, there were a few things I enjoyed, but we’ll get to those in a little bit. … More Super Lovers: Episodes 3&4

Sex Criminals #1: Suzie Down in the Quiet

Sex Criminals, for those that haven’t read it yet, is a comic about two people, Suzanne and Jon, who can stop time when they orgasm. Both of them discover this power through the confusing and awkward nature of puberty and come to meet each other by happenstance at a party. Realizing they can stop time together after having sex, Suzie and Jon decide to use their ability to rob banks in order to save the library that Suzie works at. But, they realize too late that they’re in way over their heads. … More Sex Criminals #1: Suzie Down in the Quiet

Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 2

I went into volume two right after we see Yukako basically breaking off their friendship after she sees Kousuke in Hotaru’s room. I was honestly hoping this manga would get better as we moved away from the starting relationship troubles and basic background explanation, but unfortunately I’m not that lucky. Maybe I’m too far removed from the highschool scene now that this kind of drama is starting to not appeal to me, but that’s questionable. … More Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 2

Mars: Volume 1

It is a story centered around two high-school students Kira and Rei who seem to be from different worlds, but are strangely drawn to each other after a random meeting at a park. Kira is a shy girl who has a phobia of men and can be seen drawing all the time. Rei is a rebellious motorcycle racer with no shortage of girls to talk to. After seeing one of Kira’s drawings, Rei becomes fascinated with her and does everything he can to force himself into her closed-off world. … More Mars: Volume 1

Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 1

Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai (You Can’t Disappear from Me) is the story of a girl, Kanzaki Hotaro, who finally gets into the same highschool of the man of her dreams who happens to teach there. On her first day of school, however, she meets a boy who is mean to her and just so happens to look like Sensei. This boy is Haruna Kousuke and, surprise, he’s Sensei’s brother. The story unfolds as Hotaro tries her best to get close to Sensei while Kosuke tries his best to steal her attention and love away for himself. … More Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 1