**Style Change Incoming**

Hi guys! I appreciate everyone sticking around and enjoying my reviews as I play around with different styles and such. I’m realizing that episodic reviews may not be the way to go, so I’m going to be switching over to one review per season or series depending on how many episodes or volumes there are. There are so many great shows I want to cover and episodic reviewing, while it allows me to cover the specific points in more detail, can mean I don’t have the time discuss other interesting shows. … More **Style Change Incoming**

Super Lovers: Episodes 5&6

These next two episodes begin introducing the serious and romantic aspects of Haru and Ren’s relationship, changing it from one of almost parental/brotherly love to one with romantic intent. This is at least true on the side of Ren, as we see consistently that he does’t think of himself as Haru’s brother, but Haru’s feelings are a little more complicated and will take some time to deconstruct. … More Super Lovers: Episodes 5&6