Boku Kara Kimi ga Kienai: Volume 3


This manga just continues to get me frustrated as we get further and further in. All the drama seems badly fabricated to the point that you’re just kind of groaning every time something happens. Volume three starts off with Yukako coming running back to the group shouting about Kousuke getting stabbed by the robbers and how he’s dying back there in the woods. Hotaru goes running after him, and we find out that he’s not in any mortal danger to the point where he delays getting help in order to talk to her about their relationship. The drama was basically inserted to bring a conclusion to the feud between Yukako and Hotaru by showing how dedicated Hotaru is to Kousuke. She is only able to convince Yukako of her love by showing how selfless she is and rushing into a dangerous situation where there may or may not be knife-wielding criminals.

Not to mention that through this event, we are supposed to come to forgive Yukako as she “gracefully” concedes to Hotaru’s love, even if she used underhanded tactics to try and destroy her friend’s chances which included breaking her phone. Honestly, the only character I actually like right now is Kousuke, even after he basically screws himself over with the ex-girlfriend arc. Which is another bit of drama that was overplayed and drawn out way too long. You can tell this manga is pretty bad when the only character I like is also kind of terrible, as shown through this arc when he starts to do things out of character for him. For one, he wants nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend, and makes this perfectly clear, but as soon as she cries for him, he goes right along with her. With Sensei going to comfort Hotaru after she finds out, it almost makes me want to root for him now. With the introduction of the whole kidnapping plot, I almost stopped reading, but I’m committed to seeing the end of this now.

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