Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (1/14 – 1/20)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know so you don’t have to. My schedule is still a bit messed up due to some health problems and trying to give myself a bit more freetime. Reviews will be coming out at least once a week from now on, maybe more if I have the energy. Anyways, we have a bunch of news from the DC front below, an announcement that MyAnimeList has been acquired, and some manga creators have been nominated for the Eisner Comics Hall of Fame. All of this and more news down below. Be sure to check out the videos and articles I linked as well. And as always, have a great weekend!

Top Anime and Manga News

Two manga artists have been nominated for the Eisner Hall of Fame: Akira Toriyama and Naoki Urasawa. They are part of 16 nominees, four of whom will be selected by fan vote, with the winners to be announced at the next San Diego Comic-Con. Both manga creators have been creating since the early 80s so it’s great to see them get Western acknowledgement for their veteran manga creator status.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has won the Critics Choice Award over other films nominated in the Best Motion Picture – Animation category such as Mirai. I can definitely see why considering all of the chatter over the movie since it came out. Mirai was an awesome movie, but I generally don’t see anime films winning Western awards that often.

Ebook distributor Media Do has acquired MyAnimeList. Founder and Site Admin Garrett Gyssler has said that the site will operate as normal for the next couple weeks while legal and financial issues are worked out. After that time however, Meda Do has said it wants to start implementing a new vision for the site.

Three people have been arrested and given prison sentences in Japan for operating the manga leech site ‘Haruka Yume no Ato’. Their sentences average about 3 years with no suspended sentences. Japanese manga publishers worked together on the case and have estimated a 640 million USD (73.1 Billion Yen) in lost sales due to the website.

Anime Announcements:

Manga Announcements:

Top Comics News

Comic veteran George Perez has announced he will be retiring from the comics industry. After 2019 he will also no longer be taking commissions or making convention appearances. Perez has said his retirement at the age of 64 is due to a myriad of health issues that have forced him to leave the business. Perez was a major factor behind the creation of key DC titles including The New Teen Titans and the revamp of Wonder Woman.

One hundred million dollars worth of Batman comics have been stolen from a storage unit in Florida. Among the 400 issues that were stolen were early editions of Batman and Detective Comics from the early 1930s and 40s. The owner is now appealing to fans to help him locate the missing issues.

The DC animated universe continues this year with a new animated film titled Justice League vs the Fatal Five. Producer and animation legend Bruce Timm returns for this film as well as a cast of veteran voice actors. The DCAU has been an on-again, off-again presence since the conclusion of Justice League Unlimited 13 years ago, so this movie could be a good addition to the animated universe.

DC writer Tom King gave away free comics to workers affected by the government shutdown at an event yesterday. Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD hosted Tom King and hundreds of brand new DC trades to give away to federal workers.

Featured Articles and Interviews

  • Forbes talks comic books this week in an article about distribution and comic sales, pointing out that some of the most successful comic books on the market aren’t making it into smaller, independent comic book stores.
  • Anime Feminist talks Review Starlight in this article, investigating how this series rewrites and does away with many of the queer tragic story lines and tropes.

Featured Videos

  • Kor takes a throwback approach to seasonal reaction videos and looks at the winter season of anime from 30 years ago in 1989.
  • Get in the Robot gives us a pretty comprehensive overview of where the style of the quintessential anime eye comes from and how advances in animation have influenced its development.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Irina gives us 5 anime that have wasted their premise, with some opting to not include key parts of the manga or just basic ideas that didn’t live up to what they could have been.


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