Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (9/16 – 9/22)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know so you don’t have to. I’ve been slowly getting back into writing and will have an announcement on some special posts for the month of October coming up next week, so keep an eye out for those. There wasn’t too much going on in the anime/manga front for news this week except for a few key season announcements. As for highlights for this week: Promare hit #3 on one of its days in theaters in the US; The Boondocks will be getting a reboot on HBO Max; and “Carmen San Diego” is under fire after its Philipine studio fired an animator for asking for better pay. Be sure to check out the interviews and videos linked below, and as always, have a great rest of your Sunday!

Anime and Manga News

The Promare anime film ranked at #3 at the US box office on Thursday, earning a total of $722,836. It has since ranked #21 for the week, but this is still quite an accomplishment for an anime film in the US.

Anime Announcements:

Comics News

An animator in the Philippines for Netflix’s “Carmen San Diego” show has been fired after asking for better pay. Poor working conditions came to light after the animator took to Twitter to expose low pay and long hours by the studio doing animation work for the show.

Comic Book Resources has a full list of content that will be made available on November 12 when Disney+ launches. After a test-run in the Netherlands, the list of all shows that will be available at the launch of Disney+ has been leaked. The list includes hundreds of hours of content from multiple Disney studios.

The Boondocks will be getting a reboot on the new HBO Max streaming service. The series has been opted for two seasons with a combined 24 episodes. Creator Aaron McGruder will be returning as showrunner for the series. The series is scheduled to launch in 2020 with a 50 minute special.

Featured Articles and Interviews

  • Writer David Lindelof gives his first deep-dive interview into the new “Watchman” series for HBO. Lindelof discusses his specific decisions for the series and why he chose to do “Watchman” in the first place.
  • Newsarama talks with creators Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen on the finale of their hit series The Wicked and the Divine after its final issue was released.
  • Talkies Network interviews creators Dennis Liu and Marie Iida on their work creating an Asian-American superhero and their creation of a forthcoming Netflix series “Raising Dion.”
  • Crunchyroll talks with Director Iino Shinya on his work with the hit series Dr. Stone and how he came to be the director on the series.

Featured Videos

  • The Canipa Effect takes a look at how 3D animation is used in anime and busts some myths surrounding animation.
  • Get in the Robot explains how anime differed in Latin America and dives into what was popular and why.
  • Gigguk discusses Vinland Saga and how it has become one of the best historical drama anime adaptations and how the anime and manga display actual historical events and people.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Irina discusses character development and how a character can seem developed without having to change throughout the series.

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