Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (11/18 – 11/24)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know so you don’t have to. Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I got some bad news this week both work related and personal so I’ve been trying to relax and do some other things to take care of myself. Things might be a little slow with the holidays coming up, but I’ll try and get one or two reviews up next week if I can. Anyways, in terms of highlights for the week: Kyoto Animation is preparing to tear down the studio damaged by arson very soon; a new manga subscription service has just launched; and Alan Moore’s getting a lot of flack on the internet again. Be sure to check out the articles and videos below, and as always, have a great rest of your Sunday.

Anime and Manga News

Kyoto Animation’s first studio is being prepared to be demolished. After the arson attack that killed many employees and destroyed the studio, Kyoto Animation plans to go through with demolishing the structure. There are plans to replace the building with a park and monument to the fire.

A new manga subscription service, “Manga Planet”, has just launched. The service costs 6.99 a month and allows unlimited access to the manga on its platform. The service launched with Towards the Terra and My Favorite Carrera along with many others.

Anime Announcements:

Manga Announcements:

Comics News

Alan Moore has been getting a lot of press lately after a 2017 interview with him was finally posted where he calls out modern superhero culture as immature. This seems to have insulted a lot of comic fans, who felt he was being too hard on the genre. In response Leah Moore, his daughter, posted a thread on Twitter talking about the harshness of the comic industry and how creating superhero comics pretty much destroyed her father.

Disney+ and Marvel have reportedly cast Sophia Di Martino has a female Loki for their Loki series on the platform. The move follows more closely to the lore of the comic books and will see Tom Hiddleston step back from the role for a while.

Featured Articles and Interviews

  • The AV Club takes a look at the conclusions of Squirrel Girl and Giant Days discussing how both series became innovations for the comic industry over their run.
  • Olive St. Sauver on Anime Feminist talks about her relationship to After the Rain and how it helped her through her struggles with athletic related injuries and getting back into playing sports.
  • Trevor Richardson on Anime Feminist discusses Demon Slayer and their worries around the characterization of Nezuko and the silencing of her trauma throughout the first season.

Featured Videos

  • Mother’s Basement talks Dr. Stone and what makes the series special and interesting.
  • Kinda Funny’s series “We have Cool Friends” interviews Marvel’s head of New Media Ryan Penagos and his experiences working for the company.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Reasons to Anime takes a look at LGBT representation in anime and the quality of shows that have come out with LGBT characters.

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