[Patreon Exclusive] Why I Don’t Use a Numerical Rating System on My Reviews

Whether it’s a scale of stars, five points, or 10 points, many review sites or media aggregate sites like to use rating scales for the content they host and discuss. It’s a pervasive system among the most popular websites including IMDB, Goodreads, Amazon, My Anime List, etc. A lot of consumers rely on this system to quickly evaluate purchases, shows to watch, books to read, and share their opinions with the world. I myself use it on Goodreads to quickly show what I think of a book or look for four to 5-star reviews on Amazon to find good quality products, but I know there are issues with this system. Which is why I don’t use it with my own reviews on the blog…..

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2 thoughts on “[Patreon Exclusive] Why I Don’t Use a Numerical Rating System on My Reviews

  1. Seems more and more reviewers are dropping the numerical/star rating format. I totally get it for a variety of reasons. I want to drop it too, mostly because I tend to just suck at adequately selecting a proper rating for it that matches my view, and sometimes people just look at the rating without taking my written reasoning into consideration. I don’t even like assigning the ratings on MAL or Anime-Planet, to be honest. However, I still usually keep it up because it’s been a habit since I started reviewing over a decade ago so old habits die hard. Hopefully, I will get rid of it down the line because it’s just an unnecessary headache to me.

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