Your Lie in April Anime Review

Arima Kousei is haunted by the figure of his deceased mother anytime he tries to play the piano to the point where he can no longer hear the notes he plays. After a mental breakdown at the age of twelve while performing in a piano competition, he has sworn to never touch those keys ever again. But when he meets the eccentric violinist Miyazono Kaori one day in April, he is drawn to her free spirit and nontraditional way of playing. … More Your Lie in April Anime Review

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun Anime Review

When Sakura tries confessing her feelings for Nozaki, she mistakenly blurts out that she is his fan not knowing that he is actually the famous shoujo manga author Yumeno Sakiko. With autograph in hand, Sakura decides to use this new knowledge to get closer to Nozaki even if he might never see her as anything other than a friend. … More Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun Anime Review

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Manga Review

When Chise’s mother dies suddenly leaving her all alone, she is passed from family to family, each one rejecting her because of her ability to see things they can’t lurking in the shadows. She eventually runs away only to fall into the hands of a slaver and is auctioned off to the highest bidder. Her new master just so happens to be a sorcerer straddling the line between human and monster. But when the sorcerer Elias calls her family and vows to make her his student, she decides to devote her life to his teachings even if her life may not last very long at all. … More The Ancient Magus’ Bride Manga Review

Super Lovers Season 1 Review

When Haru gets called to visit his mother in Canada, he finds out that he has a new adoptive brother. The problem? He seems more wild puppy than human. As Haru works to gain his new brother Ren’s trust, a powerful bond is formed. Unfortunately, he has to move back to Japan after at the end of the summer, and Ren vows to live with him again one day. Seven years later, a lot has changed as Ren shows up at his door talking about a summer that Haru can no longer remember. Haru and Ren must learn about each other from the beginning and form some sort of family even as their relationship grows to something more than brothers. … More Super Lovers Season 1 Review