I’m Back from Vacation [Short Blog Update]

I’m back! Sorry for the short hiatus. I was planning on setting up some posts before I left but things got a little crazy and I never wound up getting around to writing anything good. Anyways, I was away on a short vacation this weekend in Maine to celebrate my birthday!

I’m pretty rested now, though sore from hiking up mountains. I have a backlog of manga I need to review and the end of this anime season and the start of the next is fast approaching. I’ve also been trying to plan some more creative posts—that aren’t just reviews—as well as get back to writing my once-a-month long-form articles (that kind of fell by the way-side). For October, I’m also planning to spookify the blog a bit for the month with a series of special posts, but more on that later in the month.

I’ll be going to signing for the new Monstress volume 3 signing tomorrow, but will try and have a post up either tomorrow night or Thursday, so keep your eyes out!

~As always, thanks for reading!~

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