Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (11/19 – 11/25)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know. I hope all of my US readers had a great Thanksgiving and a great holiday weekend. I just got back from visiting my family yesterday, so the next manga review will be going up tonight. Anyways, I feel like there might not be that much pressing news items this week because of the holidays, but see below for some of the news I managed to pull out this week. Notably: there’s a lot of chatter around manga endings and beginnings this week, presumably because it’s getting close to the end of the year; A Silent Voice is coming back to theaters in the US; and Image Comics finds themselves in a trademark dispute. Be sure to check out the articles and videos below, and I hope you all have a great rest of your Sunday!

Anime and Manga News

Comic News

  • Penguin Random House will be releasing a Captain Marvel children’s book for kids age 2-5 years old.
  • Abrams Books cancels the publication of the graphic novel A Suicide Bomber Sits in a Library after backlash and concerns over its content.
  • You can now download more than 15,000 free Golden Age comics from the Digital Comics Museum.
  • The police are called after Comic Con India hands out issues of Saga to children attendees in goodybags.
  • A New York bar has sued Image Comics over a trademark dispute involving the publication and sale of the comic book Dead Rabbit.
  • Stan Lee’s company Pow! Entertainment responds to Bill Maher’s comments about Lee’s legacy and the impact of comic books.

Featured Articles

  • Rob Lea on Medium takes a look at the scientific background and ideas behind many of Marvel’s superheroes.
  • The Anime Feminist explores the portrayal of kink and BDSM in Horimiya between Miyamura and Hori.
  • Creator at Large examines what American comic culture can learn from comic culture in France through the French comic convention Angouleme.
  • Comic writer Bryan Edward Hills talks about the lengths he went to research his new series American Carnage such as talking to white supremacists.
  • The Anime Feminist examines the depictions of sexual assault in Belladonna of Sadness and Perfect Blue.

Featured Twitter Threads

  • @teioh talks about how unnerving it is to see white anime fans insisting there is no LGBT culture in Japan and Asia.
  • @highimpactsex discusses Japanese subcultures and how the people in their counterculture movement are happy to be an endless rebel.

Featured Videos

  • The Real News hosts a roundtable discussion on the impact of Stan Lee on pop culture and Black America.
  • Comic Tropes looks at the history of death and resurrection in comics, specifically superheroes stories from the big two.
  • Wisecrack examines the history of villains and villainy and how modern villains are different from those of the past.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Irina takes a comedic look at how to review an anime series without actually watching it this week.


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2 thoughts on “Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (11/19 – 11/25)

  1. I was excited to see the Morose Mononokean got a second season and it is coming at the start of next year. I low key enjoyed season one but felt it was just getting going and finding its feet when the season ended so seeing it continue is fantastic. I’m really looking forward to it.
    Thanks for sharing the news with us.

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