Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (3/18 – 3/24)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know. Its looks to have been a slow news week in terms of major items to talk about but a massively busy week in terms of new anime announcements. I’m sure I missed some, but I made sure to list some of the majorly talks about anime announcements below. In terms of news for this week: Crunchyroll is upping its subscription price; Viz Media is calling for original graphic novel pitches for its new imprint; and KamehaCon is coming under fire after going back on its cancellation of Vic Mignogna’s convention appearance. Be sure to also check out the videos and articles below. I might be off next Sunday since I’ll be attending PAX East, but I’ll let you all know via here or Twitter if that is indeed the case. As always, have a great Sunday!

Top Anime and Manga News

Crunchyroll is raising its subscription price for the first time since the company launched in 2006. Monthly subscriptions will go up to 7.99 with a yearly price of 79.99. Monthly subscribers will still be able to pay the current price for another three months and yearly subscribers will be grandfathered in for another year.

KamehaCon is the center of controversy with week after it announced the appearance of Vic Mignogna sparking the cancelling of many guests in protest. The Con had previously cancelled his appearance after allegations of sexual assault on minors were revealed, but has recently reversed this decision to the anger of guests and attendees alike.

Anime Announcements:

Manga Announcements:

Top Comics News

Viz Media has announced a new imprint at Emerald City Comic Con called VIZ Originals. The imprint will seek original graphic novel ideas from creators who have been influenced by anime and manga for English publication. They plan to release both multi-volume series and single-issue graphic novels with their first novels starting publication in 2020.

Now that Marvel has bought Fox, they now have reacquired the movie rights to their X-Men property. Which means more X-Men content like the most recent announcement at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo for Marvel’s new Powers of X and House of X series that will go on sale this July.

Ethiopia has its first ever female comic book superhero with the creation of the series Hawi by Etan Comics. The comic centers on Ement Legesse who is tasked with rescuing her mother after she is abducted during a visit to Ethiopia.

Featured Articles and Interviews

  • SyFy Wire sits down with artist and writer of She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, and Superman John Byrne on his legacy as a creator in this multi-part interview series.
  • Veteran animators gathered at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival to discuss the positives and negatives of digital anime production.
  • Women Write about Comics sits down with ABO Comix founders to talk about how their company aims to amplify the voices of incarcerated LGBTQ people.

Featured Videos

  • ShadowForks Games talks Captain Marvel in his video on the controversy surrounding the message or lack of message in the film.
  • Fandom Musings takes another look at Captain Marvel and dissects the backlash against it that took off even before the movie came out.
  • Mother’s Basement looks at the new trailer for One Punch Man and discusses the differences animation wise and how the anime studio change may affect the new season as a while.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Irina talks color theory and cinematic language in her post this week and how colors are used to heighten the message of a scene.


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