Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (6/3 – 6/9)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know so you don’t have to. I hope you all are enjoying Pride Month so far. I have some plans for more rant reviews coming up in the next few weeks as well as finally finishing our Fruits Basket read-through. Anyways, for highlights this week: the United Nations is considering a proposal to ban all questionable depictions of minors in media which would include anime and manga; DC’s Vertigo imprint may be shutting down soon; and Marvel is reconsidering how it handles the death of its characters in future comics. Be sure to also check out the articles and videos down below, there are a ton of great Pride Month content. As always, let me know if I’ve missed something important, and have a great rest of your Sunday!

Top Anime and Manga News

The United States, Japan, and Austria have written to the UN to object to the outright banning of content depicting minors in anime and manga. The United State’s objection to the UN’s proposal was along First Amendment grounds citing that there is no “real child” depicted in these instances. Japan also objected along the lines that the UN proposal was too broad in scope and suggested that this proposal could negatively impact freedom of expression.

Toei Animation has started a new project to solicit new anime pitches from amateur animators in an effort to draw more new blood into the industry. One of the goals behind this initiative is to bring outside talent into the industry who won’t feel constrained by past anime successes or feel the need to emulate past shows in an effort to make something truly new.

Anime Announcements:

Manga Announcements:

Top Comics News

DC’s Vertigo imprint is rumored to be closing soon. BleedingCool has reported that they have a number of reports from industry insiders and employees pointing to the shuttering of the 26-year-running DC imprint. Speculation as to the reason points to a number of content issues that popped up in the past causing many comics to be pulled and cancelled, so executives may be seeing Vertigo as too much trouble for what it’s worth.

Director Matt Reeves has confirmed that the new Batman film will not be rehashing the old origin stories for this character. Instead Reeves has said that the movie will focus on Batman’s rise to becoming the world’s greatest detective with a more noir style to it than previous films.

Marvel Comics Editor In Chief CB Cebulski has said that they are going to reevaluate how Marvel handles death in its comics now. Cebulski has noted that they are looking to move away from deaths that are primarily used to shock value and will be focusing on more weighted and permanent deaths in the future.

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing has been cancelled and cut short to 10 episodes. The live-action series was supposedly going to be 13 episodes long, but according to writer John Gohlson a clerical error with North Carolina where they were shooting the series meant they would not be receiving the full 40 million dollar tax rebate. This meant the series became too expensive to produce and it had to be cut back.

Featured Articles and Interviews

  • The Tonko House Film Festival sits down with director Mamoru Hosoda on what he sees as the appeal of animation and his work on Wolf Children and Mirai.
  • Anime News Network’s Answerman takes a look at the question of how much influence manga Japanese creators have on Hollywood adaptations of their creations.
  • Anime Feminist discusses yuri anime and manga for Pride Month and the question of just how much of yuri is actually queer.
  • Crunchyroll discusses how Lily Hoshikawa may be the best transgender representation in anime that they have seen yet.
  • CBR takes a look at how well Evangelion holds up in a modern sense and whether or not this show is still relevant in 2019.
  • The Anime Feminist examines Bloom into You and how the series challenges common tropes found in yuri works.

Featured Videos

  • The ComicsBeat podcast The Graphic Novel TK interviews graphic novelist and educator Cathy Johnson on how she gets kids involved in creating comics and teaching them about making comics.
  • Get in the Robot examines filler in anime and the benefits and detriments to including it in a series.
  • Wisecrack discusses Avengers Endgame and how the history of its characters and how some of its stories, particularly Thor, can be considered cyclical.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Irina takes a look at how our cultural background or place that we live affects how someone views or relates to a series.


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