Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-up (10/7 – 10/13)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know so you don’t have to. It’s been a busy week for me in terms of October specials, so if you haven’t checked out some of my reviews of magic and fantasy-themed anime, manga, and comics I’d highly suggest heading over to my home page and scrolling through. A new special will be going up tomorrow. However, it’s been a very slow week for news. I had a lot of trouble finding major news items for the anime and manga section but there were quite a few series announcements that I listed below. What I’m really excited about is the announcement that Lore Olympus from Webtoons is getting an animated series from the Jim Henson Company. There’s also been a lack of good articles this week, but some pretty good videos I’ve linked below. Be sure to check those out, and have a great rest of your Sunday!

Top Comics News

Webtoon’s hit comic Lore Olympus will be getting an animated adaptation from the Jim Henson Company. This marks the first such deal since the platform launched in 2014. The animated series will be marketed toward a young adult audience.

Forbes has surprising new data about the comic market. Its data shows that fans are starting to turn more and more towards graphic novels and non-superhero titles. The kids and manga market is looking like the fastest growing out of them, with book stores overtaking the direct market in percentage of sales.

Anime and Manga News

Anime Announcements:

Manga Announcements:

Featured Article

  • Blake P for the MNT discusses how shojo manga displays and plays with the ideas of masculinity and queerness, looking back through the ages to the genres earliest works.

Featured Videos

  • Get in the Robot goes over the historical influences of Demon Slayer and how the series has become a hit series internationally.
  • Wisecrack takes a look at Spider-Man: Far from Home and how ideas about fatherhood are incorporated throughout the movie.
  • Wisecrack digs into the thematic elements and message of Joker and how it paints a story of a quest for recognition.
  • Under the Scope discusses how we interact or think of problematic media and in particular through the lens of Monogatari.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Animated Observations takes a look at Chuunibyou and how fantasy can become a means of coping with reality and tragedy.

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