[Patreon Exclusive] Tips and Tricks for Blogging – #4

Having a tough time starting your blog or thinking about starting one to blog about your passions? Blogging can be a fairly fulfilling pastime especially if you’re really passionate about what you want to write about. I started this blog as a way to get all of my overflowing opinions down somewhere and share my love of manga, anime, and comics with an audience, but I also put a lot of thought into the technicalities and realistic process of running a blog. After almost five full years of writing and improving my blog, I think I have collected enough advice to impart to others that are looking to start their own or may be having trouble growing an existing blog. Admittedly, my advice is going to be skewed a little towards my own niche of Japanese media and comics, but I think it can be expanded or extrapolated to include a lot of different topics. Anyways, let’s get down to it!

In Tip #4 we discuss ways to prepare yourself and your content for being published. Subscribe at the $1 tier or higher on Patreon to get access to these tips!

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