[New Patreon Exclusive] Last Month in Geekdom

Who’s your favorite announcer? It’s not Koto? Get out!

Welcome Patrons to the first installment of the blog’s new Patreon exclusive newsletter. This month of February has been quite a mess all over the US and I hope you all are handling this weird combination of Winter weather, a pandemic, and other crazy news going on right now. I wish you all the best, and I hope you all are staying safe wherever you are.

This newsletter is going to cover the top stories relating to anime, manga, comics, and general geekdom. I’ve scanned through the internet including Reddit, Twitter, and other relevant news sites to pull what I think are some of the more interesting news items that have happened this month. I’m also including links to this month’s content on the blog and some interesting articles or videos I enjoyed from other blogs and sites around the web and WordPress.

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