Manga Nibbles: My Little Sister Stole My Fiance Chapters 1-3 Quick Look

Once and a while I like to scroll through BookWalker and see what new series there are that I haven’t heard of yet and see if there are any free chapters up to read. Recently, I was looking through the free section and saw this series, My Little Sister Stole My Fiance: The Strongest Dragon Favors Me and Plans to Take over the Kingdom? Obviously the title is very long, indicative of a manga that has been adapted from a light novel story, so from now on it will be referred to with the main title. I was a little iffy on whether or not I wanted to read this one, as the description of the first chapter didn’t really make the story sound great. I figured I would check it out anyways since the first three chapters are free, so let’s see how this series shakes out!

The story of My Little Sister Stole my Fiance follows the daughter of a duke of high standing, Eliana, who is engaged to marry the crown prince of her kingdom. One morning, her little sister comes crying to her father saying that she has fallen in love with the prince at first sight, and she must be the one to marry him. Her father and the crown prince both approve of this change of fiancee, leaving Eliana without any purpose anymore. In a last ditch effort to get honor for herself and her family, she throws herself into the great dragon’s volcano, to become his bride.

The art for this series was done by Hi8mugi in collaboration with the character designer, COMPTA. In general, I think the art is very strong. You can definitely tell that Hi8mugi put a lot of thought and work into telling the story through the panel design and representing the characters really well. I wasn’t expecting much, but I did really like how the manga starts off with a great panel spread of Eliana and her fall into the volcano before it jumps into the backstory. Otherwise, I think the design of the pages can be very striking at some points, with the use of black backgrounds and dark shading to convey drama. It makes the emotional turmoil Eliana is facing stand out. 

The story however could use some work. I’m not completely sold after reading three chapters whether or not I should continue. The theme of the manga is very clearly discussing how women were used as commodities by their families for political gain and how if that’s taken away, who are they outside of that? Eliana most definitely will need to find a new purpose and new sense of strength as she builds a new life with the Dragon. However, she starts off offering herself as his servant. I just don’t think I’m seeing anything in Eliana’s character that speaks to her strengths and why I should want to see where her story goes. As readers, I think we are being steered towards pitying her rather than cheering her on. I want to see the latter. 

I think there may also be an issue with conflicting tones here too. We start off in the first chapter with a fairly dramatic tone thanks to the story and the art, as Eliana is passed over in favor of her sister and loses her honor and purpose. She basically commits suicide when she throws herself into the volcano, only the Dragon catching her saves her from dying. But then it seems like the tone changes to a more light-hearted nature as Eliana and the Dragon sort their new lives out. I almost feel like I want more comedy here, but that probably wouldn’t work with Eliana’s more subdued character. 

I’m still not sure I’m sold on the series, and might not read past these three chapters. I’d love to hear what fans of the series think or how the story develops later in the chapters. If you’ve had a chance to read more than me, please feel free to leave your opinion down in the comments below!

~~Thanks for Reading!~~

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