Heart Hassle Series by Raven Kennedy Review

Ready for some romcom, reverse harem craziness? I know I was not expecting to laugh this much reading through all three of these books and the novella. I think this is one of my first reverse harem romances I’ve read, at least in recent memory, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Raven Kennedy has a great handle on comedy and creating characters that have great dynamics. You quickly get pulled into the story and the characters and come to love them all. The whole concept of the book is pretty unique and allows for multiple hilarious hijinks and sexual innuendos while also managing to be sweet and touching. I really recommend this series for anyone looking for a good laugh who also enjoys some reverse harem spicy goodness. 

Goodreads Description: I used to consider myself a hopeless romantic, so why wouldn’t I choose to become a cupid? Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong again. They don’t call us stupid cupids for nothing. I’m stuck in this never-ending afterlife where I’m invisible, lonely, and bitter as hell. And yeah, I’m probably responsible for some terrible matchmaking out there. Sorry, not sorry. All my bad cupid’ing might be why I was exiled from the human realm. You can only do so much before the cupid bosses get all huffy. Unfortunately, my bitterness carried over into the new realm, and then I attacked a fae prince with Love Arrows. Accidentally. Okay, not accidentally. But hey, he deserved it. What I didn’t expect was for him to retaliate and hit my ass with some crazy magic mojo strong enough to push me into the physical realm. Whoa. That’s right. This cupid just got a real body. And you know what that means…Now, it’s my turn to get some. Love, I mean. Get your head out of the gutter. Wink, wink bitches.

I don’t think I’ve seen or read another book that focuses on a cupid and their ability to spread love and lust. It’s an interesting concept and definitely makes for a great fantasy romcom. Kennedy does a great job crafting the quirky and feisty main character of Emelle, someone who is desperate for love and orgasms of her own after watching everyone else get some for decades. She’s been stuck without a body for 50 or so years, unable to eat, sleep, or have sex, and her lonliness and frustration are understandable. But even with all of that, you still get the sense that Emelle looks for the best in everyone, or at least hopes for it. Her quirky nature is charming and endearing, though I can see how it might not be everyone’s cup of tea sometimes. 

There does wind up being a plot to this smutty romcom, fear not! It winds up being a little bit of narcissistic fae political intrigue, Hunger Games, full on war and spycraft, all wrapped up in some great hilarious and dramatic romance. The plot adds a nice tension to the romance, as three of the members of her harem are targeted by the Fae Prince who wants them dead and the other is a soldier in the Princess’s resistance army. The fear that her three Genfin warrior hubbies might die in their life and death trials permeates the first and second book. Then you have the rebellion against the Prince picking up, her Cupid overlords unhappy with her performance, the complications of her turning corporeal, and bounty put on her head. It all comes together in a fairly fast-paced dramedy that keeps you turning the page.

“I’ve been lonely for a long time, and I know that my loneliness, added together with my insatiable curiosity and general desire to participate in all things sexy, I perhaps have a skewed outlook. But no matter what I want, or how attracted I am to these guys, I would never jeopardize their future. Despite our rough start, I want the best for them. Most of the time. Usually. Nearly all the time.”

– Raven Kennedy, Sign of Cupidity

Not to mention the four smoking hot fae she manages to fall in love with. Each one has their own unique personality that doesn’t really conflict or overlap too much with another. I think it’s probably essential when doing a harem romance to make sure that each member feels like their own person and contributes something different to the dynamic. First we have Ronak, the alpha male, super strong, all business, but really a big softy on the inside. He’s the leader of their group and can be possessive and protective, but overall has a good heart. He’s also the one that Emelle has to work the most at charming, and it becomes hilarious to see his reactions to her efforts. Then there’s Evert, the cocky, sexually deviant, bad-boy type who’s always cursing up a storm. He’s one of my favorites and his personality works great at matching Emelle’s quirky one. Sylred is your quiet, loving, and supportive type. Always there to help, but has a strength of his own. Lastly is Okot, the gentle giant type. He’s tough, strong, but respectful and adoring to those he loves. He sort of has a little bit of a mix of all three of the others, but still feels like he stands on his own. 

My favorite part of this series is there’s no jealousy between them all. They all accept that they share her love equally and just want to make her happy. There may be some competition between the guys, but none of them are outright hostile, jealous, or domineering and their relationship winds up feeling like a fairly healthy polyamorous family. They adore her, she adores them, and they care and support each other, working together to keep their family safe. It might feel more weird if it wasn’t a group of animalistic fae, and was a contemporary romance instead, but It works in this instance. 

If you’re in for this spicy read, be prepared for some four-somes and even five-somes. Tons of sexual innuendos, multiple hilarious and creative names for vagina and penis, and a lot of dirty talk. The three full books are a quick read and a complete series with a special Valentine’s Day novella added on. If you’re looking for a laugh-out-loud romcom/ reverse harem, I would highly suggest checking this one out. 

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