The Dark Side Series by Kristy Cunning Review

Once you go reverse harem, you never go back. I’ve found that out apparently. Now I’m stuck looking for some more spicy harem stories, and wound up stumbling on this one. It’s a dark but hilarious four-book series that deals with all things hell-spawn, apocalyptic, and crazy. Take four powerful members of hell and stick in one annoyingly persistent ghost girl turned physical, and you’ve got this hilarious wild ride.

Book 1 Goodreads Description: I’m not so different from most people. Like everyone else, I have life goals. Goal #1: Become a real girl instead of this invisible ghost thing I currently am. Goal #2: Convince the four men I’ve been haunting for the past five years to pick me to be their new toy after goal one is complete. Goal #3: Figure out who/what I am and why I can’t remember anything past the five years I’ve been haunting this quad. Goal #4: Eat popcorn. See? Perfectly normal. Sort of. Gotta start small, after all. It’s not like anyone else is perfect either.

This series is super easy to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. It’s all free to read on there. Over the past couple days I’ve been specifically looking for series that have a healthy dose of comedy. You wouldn’t think that a series about hell-spawn and the apocalypse would be funny, but it wound up being hilarious with just the clashing personalities and dynamics of all the characters. They can take any situation thrown at them and make it humorous or horny. I wound up really falling in love with the main character and all of her harem.

Paca is an awesome character. She starts off as a ghost that can only watch over these four guys as they go about their reaper lives, have five-somes with other women, and generally be mysterious. She can’t talk to them, but winds up feeling like she’s tangled up in their lives as a strange spiritual bond keeps her from going too far away. She’s hilarious, spouting quips and 90s pop culture jokes, while frustrating them all to hell (HA!). I love seeing in the first book how they’re dynamic and relationship develops as she tries to fit into their lives and they become unexpectedly attached to her.

“my epiphany has been that none of you deserve me. You can look. You can fantasize. Like I’ve had to. Try to bring home a woman, and I’ll make farting noises while wearing a dolphin costume and acting like I’m humping each of you. See how long you can hold an erection then,”

– Kristy Cunning, Four Psychos

The mystery surrounding her origin and powers runs throughout the four books, frustrating the four boys who are trying to figure out if she’s attached to them for a reason or if she’s some kind of curse in a pretty and deceiving package. The books combine all kinds of elements including the ever-popular life-or-death trials they have to pass to gain access to Hell and all it’s knowledge. They have to work together to pass obstacle courses designed by the embodiments of the 7 sins, coming to rely on Paca for her own brand of protection.

In this way the books combine romance and excitement. Pitting the characters against impossible odds until they learn to trust and work together with Paca to survive. Each of the four guys has their own personality and ways of dealing with their feelings for Paca, though sometimes I feel like their personalities aren’t different enough. They’re all bad boys, and it seems like the main difference is the amount of logical thinking or fearlessness they use to deal with their problems. Jude, Gage, Kai, and Ezekiel definitely feel like brothers and great characters, though they can blend in with each other sometimes.

I had a riot reading through this series, and it really didn’t take me that long to get through. The more we learn about Paca and her boys, and the more smutty scenes we get, the better the series got for me. There’s so many great scenes and references that I fell in love with Paca’s sense of humor and wit.

I’m always on the lookout for other good harem stories, so if you have any recommendations or opinions on this series, let me know in the comments below!

~~Thanks for Reading!~~

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