Hapi Mari (Happy Marriage?!) Wrap-up

It centers around a woman, Chiwa Takanashi, who is forced into an arranged marriage with a man she has never met in order to save her father from his debts. The man, Hokuto Mamiya, happens to be the president of the company she works at, so they must keep their marriage a secret from the rest of the world for the time being. The story mainly focuses on the challenges of living with someone you don’t know, and the problems that come with entering into his high-class family. … More Hapi Mari (Happy Marriage?!) Wrap-up

Hapi Mari: Volume 3

Volume three of Hapi Mari has a lot of great stuff going on, especially when it comes to looking deeper into Hokuto’s past and family troubles. I think the big theme that really ties this volume together is the family you choose can be a better family than the one you were born into. … More Hapi Mari: Volume 3

Hapi Mari: Volume 2

Volume two of Hapi Mari gets a little deeper into the complicated emotions involved in marriage and self discovery. Mostly though, I think these four chapters focus mainly on the growing jealousy of both of them as their feelings for each other progress into love. We also get to see more background and characterization of Hokuto including a peak at the real reason he decided to marry Chiwa. … More Hapi Mari: Volume 2