Super Lovers Season 1 Review

When Haru gets called to visit his mother in Canada, he finds out that he has a new adoptive brother. The problem? He seems more wild puppy than human. As Haru works to gain his new brother Ren’s trust, a powerful bond is formed. Unfortunately, he has to move back to Japan after at the end of the summer, and Ren vows to live with him again one day. Seven years later, a lot has changed as Ren shows up at his door talking about a summer that Haru can no longer remember. Haru and Ren must learn about each other from the beginning and form some sort of family even as their relationship grows to something more than brothers. … More Super Lovers Season 1 Review

Super Lovers: Episodes 5&6

These next two episodes begin introducing the serious and romantic aspects of Haru and Ren’s relationship, changing it from one of almost parental/brotherly love to one with romantic intent. This is at least true on the side of Ren, as we see consistently that he does’t think of himself as Haru’s brother, but Haru’s feelings are a little more complicated and will take some time to deconstruct. … More Super Lovers: Episodes 5&6

Super Lovers: Episodes 3&4

Returning back to Super Lovers, we take a look at the next two episodes in the series, numbers three and four. I think I was pleasantly surprised with these two episodes, though I did notice the same couple problems returning again, namely: jumps in time, overdone plot points, and certain large plot points popping up seemingly out of nowhere. However, there were a few things I enjoyed, but we’ll get to those in a little bit. … More Super Lovers: Episodes 3&4