[Blog Update] Change of Schedule


Hi All,

I’ve been realizing over the past couple weeks that it’s been getting harder and harder to stick to my schedule of reviews on Wednesday and Saturday with news on Sunday. Life’s been getting pretty hectic with my full-time job moving into its busiest months, packing up for a move in two weeks, and starting on some wedding planning. So, I’m going to say that you can probably expect at least one post a week from now on as well as news. But, if I manage to write two or more, it’ll be a nice surprise! This will also allow me to be a little more active in reading through everyone else’s posts and might also give me a chance to write better reviews and do more research for longer articles.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter if you want the most accurate updates on what’s going on with the blog as well as the occasional adorable shibe retweet.

I’ll be back sometime this week for my review of Hyouka that I finally got the chance to watch.


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