Last Week in Geekdom – Your Weekly News Round-Up (9/3 – 9/9)


Welcome back to another installment of “Last Week in Geekdom” where I comb the internet for all the news you need to know so you don’t have to. Phew, this week has been busy with coming back from vacation sore as can be from hiking and trying to get back in the flow of things for the blog. I won’t say that I’ll reliably get back into a two-post-a-week schedule, but I damn well will try. Anyways, this post introduces two new categories: Twitter threads and a separate interview category, so be sure to check those out down below. Some highlights for this week: so many premiere dates announced for the Fall season of anime; Hanebad!’s 11th episode is delayed due to the Hokkaido earthquake; and the all-women comic retail group The Valkyries disband. Check out the links down below and have a great rest of your Sunday!

Anime and Manga News

  • Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2 has a confirmed premiere date of October 9th.
  • The tragic novel series Deep Love is in the works to get an anime adaptation.
  • New York Review Comics has published an English translation of a collection of Tadao Tsuge manga.
  • Bloom Into You yuri anime adaptation reveals an October 5th premiere date.
  • Kyoto Animations anime adaptation of Tsurune: Kazemai High School’s Archery Club gets an October 14th debut.
  • Hanebad! anime’s 11th episode has been delayed due to the Hokkaido earthquake that took out power of the company’s photography studio.
  • Boarding School Juliet anime has revealed an October 5th debut date.
  • Studio Gaina (formerly Fukushima Gainax) has announced it will be taking over the production of Uru in Blue anime shooting for a 2022 release. They also announced the production of two new film projects.
  • Crunchyroll has added Slayers Next to its catalog for North American viewers.
  • Film Studio Global Road, one of the partners for the live action adaptation of Tiger & Bunny, has filed for bankruptcy.
  • Crunchyroll has added Frankenstein Family anime to its catalog.
  • The Promised Neverland manga has entered its final art ahead of the release of the anime adaptation.

Comic News

  • DC Comics is celebrating 24 Hour Comic Day with DIY blank comic books on October 3rd.
  • Ten Speed Press is planning on making the life of Frederick Douglass into a graphic novel with writer David F Walker and artists Damon Smyth and Marissa Louise.
  • Comic book artist Marie Severin, most known for her work on Marvel comic covers, has passed away at 89.
  • After a crisis involving a lack of diversity among its members, the all-women comic book retail group The Valkyries disband.
  • A graphic novel adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird will be published by HarperCollins.
  • Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons apologizes for the resulting grim and gritty decade of comics that followed its publication.
  • DC Comics and DC Films have made a diversity and inclusion commitment following the company’s acquisition by AT&T.

Featured Articles

  • The Answerman tackles idol culture and why it isn’t as prevalent in the US as it is in Japan.
  • The Comics Beat offers a deeper look into the data surrounding the voting and nomination process for the Hugo Awards.
  • The Anime Feminist takes a look at childbirth and politics in Darling in the FranXX.

Featured Interviews

  • Family Ghosts podcast sits down with Thi Bui to talk about her experience writing and creating her graphic novel The Best We Could Do.
  • Entertainment Weekly talks with Dave Gibbons, artist for Watchmen, on being inducted into the Harvey Hall of Fame and the legacy of his comics.
  • talks with Bordertown creator Eric Esquivel on the origins of the characters and stories in his comic.
  • The Daily Dot talks with Saga writer Brian K Vaughan about the extended hiatus that was just announced for the series.

Featured Videos

  • Archipel joins character designer Katsuya Terada, most known for his work on Blood: The Last Vampire and Space Dandy, as he does some life drawing on Iki Island.
  • The Cartoon Cipher talks My Hero Academia and the age old phrase “actions speak louder than words”.
  • Breadsword continues his four part video essay on Satoshi Kon with his analysis of Millennium Actress.

Featured Twitter Threads

  • @Frog_Kun on Twitter discusses the dynamics of asking Japanese anime creators political questions in interviews.
  • @Rachel_Thorn_en on Twitter asks fellow translators what are the strangest and most arcane things they had to learn while translating something.

Featured WordPress Post

  • Blautoothdmand compares the anime Pupa and the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show and the dilemma they post posit in embracing the taboo.


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