Your Lie in April Anime Review

Arima Kousei is haunted by the figure of his deceased mother anytime he tries to play the piano to the point where he can no longer hear the notes he plays. After a mental breakdown at the age of twelve while performing in a piano competition, he has sworn to never touch those keys ever again. But when he meets the eccentric violinist Miyazono Kaori one day in April, he is drawn to her free spirit and nontraditional way of playing. … More Your Lie in April Anime Review

Mars Manga Review

After a chance meeting at a park, the reckless motorcycle racer Rei becomes drawn to the closed-off artist Kira. He finds out the next day that they’re actually in the same class in high school and makes it a point to get close to her no matter how much she tries to push everyone else away. … More Mars Manga Review

Mars: Volume 2

In this volume in particular, I think we get to see a much deeper and clearer look at the character of Rei, especially his past concerning both his father and brother as well as the contrasting view the characters around him hold versus his actual self. … More Mars: Volume 2